PACI Number Plate (Find address through Kuwait Finder App)


In 2013, the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) introduced the Kuwait Finder Application as a component of its Geographic Information System (GIS) program. The primary objective of this app is to offer a GIS-based search engine that facilitates locating address features, such as searching for apartment addresses (including area name, block number, building number, street name/number, lane number, floor number, and apartment number) or Search by PACI number plate.

With the Kuwait Finder Application, users can utilize satellite maps and easily share locations via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or email.

How to use?

Don’t worry I’m here to guide you the usage of this application.

Step #1

Download Kuwait Finder App

Kuwait Finder available on Google Play and App store.If you’re using iPhone download from here

If you’re using Android phone (Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo or any other Android device) download from here

Step #2

Select language English/Arabic.

select language paci number plate


  1. After language selected go for login page.
  2. Enter your phone number or email address for the activation code follow this pattern 00965XXXXXXXX.
  3. Enter activation code received from phone number or email address.
send activation code kuwait finder paci number plate
search address kuwait finder paci number plate
list of governates kuwait finder
funerals data kuwait finder
app settings kuwait finder


  1. After successful verification the application will redirect to home page.
  2. On home page there are four buttons (Map, Quick Search, Funerals and Menu).

Explanation for each feature:

  • Map: you can track complete address by searching though PACI number (from PACI number plate).
  • Quick Search: You can find place by choosing province, area, block number, street names and Parcel number and PACI number from (PACI number plate).
  • Funerals: You can see funeral list.
  • Menu: This is the profile page of your account you can access settings and notification. You can also Rate this Application Follow this Application page on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can read more information about this Application and send feedback about your experience with Kuwait Finder.
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