How to book biometric appointment on meta – step by step guide


Here i will give you step by step guidance to successfully book your biometric appointment on meta kuwait in few steps.

Step 1: visit meta website

On this step you need to click on meta website

Step 2: login on website (if you already have account in meta)

If you don’t have account already Register a new user account

Step 3:

After successfully account creation main home page will open.

Click on appointments search located on left side bar. See the attached screenshot

Step 4:

Then search for Ministry of Interior Services. See the attached screenshot

Step 5:

Then choose “General Department for Personal Identification” from the list of services. See the attached screenshot

Step 6:

Then click on “Biometric Enrollment” location at the bottom. See the attached screenshot

Step 7:

Then choose your area based on your civil id address. See the attached screenshot

Step 8:

Then choose your booking slots. See the attached screenshot

Forget Password:

If you forget the password click on password recovery. See the attached screenshot.

Enter the civil id number. The password link will directly sent to you on your registered email account.

Enter your new password and click for Reset.

You will get a password reset confirmation.

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