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Failika Island, a transformed island from peaceful freshwater springs to Middle East War area, that give you a wonderful and mesmerizing trip goal. This Persian island is 20Km off from costs of Kuwait where an ancient civilization exist as a cultural Hub. This rusty island has a lists of historical events which catch tourists attraction and make them jaw dropped.  This historical island gives you major tourist’s goal like hiking, sitting on beach, buggy rides and many more things. Failika Island faced many events which turned into rusty and flat land except for a small hill which is just 30ft High. The island was possessed by many armed forces, used by troops and military forces exercises and now as a tourist point. The presence of more than a dozen archeological sites from different historical periods attests to the island’s importance as a cultural hub.

History, that makes Failaka Island as wonderland:

The island went through different hardship phases, which turn it into ruined island. The healthy and lively island was once used to be as a resident state for about 2,000 people mainly fishermen. In 1990, the entire nation fled following the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait and made the people of land to left their homes and escaped to the capital city, Kuwait. The buildings were used as target practice by the Iraqi army. After a year, in 1991 the Island was then recaptured by American forces and 1,400 Iraqi soldier stationed there were expelled. It becomes training camp for American Marine Corps too. The island is enriched with it’s2000 BC old civilization crafts which is still under observation and digging out process of many international archeologists.

Want to visit there?

This historical and rusty island is the ultimate goal for tourists and especially for archeologists. An international archeologist’s mission is currently carrying out two excavations on Failaka Island including the settlement of AL-Qusur, in the center of Island, which appears to have been a Christian monastery. The villas consists of a central open area where everybody can join and have fun together.

Kuwait’s tourism authorities designed two beaches around Failaka Island as well. The heritage village and Al-Balt, these two beaches are the ultimate relaxing and entertaining points that gives a relief from the city life to stay more closer to the earth.

How do I get to Failaka?

As, this Island is just 20Km off the costs of Kuwait City, the best way is through the car Ferry which will take you and your car together. There are others Ferry boats as well which will give you a trip for one day. Tickets are easily available on the outside offices of Ferry and from The Ferry Tickets Office in Ras Assalmiyah (near Kuwait Scientific Center and Lulu’at Almarzouq) . You can have all the related details from the office as well just like arrival and departure time of Ferry Boats on their points.

restaurants in Failaika Island:

Ikarus Hotel:

This hotel on Failaka Island has a range of facilities, including a petting zoo, a lake, horse Riding, camels rides and water sports. The hotel consists of 23 rooms inside a refurbished police station. A small Kuwaiti’s restaurant serving international food is also is one its service.

Hotel Failaka Heritage Village:

This hotel location is exactly 30min from Marina Mall (Salmiya) to the island. They have a small museum, depicting the lifestyle of villages, kids play area, camel riding, boating and mini café. Crafts are produces in failaka heritage village and are available for sale.

Faialka island is pure, it is untouched, authentic, and has its own magic! It is absolutely lovely to travel, to find such authenticity and to learn more about history and culture. There are variety of activities that one can do like,

– Cultural Village:

The island gives ultimate cultural view that gives you chance to learn about Kuwait’s own culture with their ancestors ones. The tourist’s guides are easily available there to let you tell all folk stories of the land.

- National Bank of Kuwait Old Building:

These buildings were used for shooting practices by American Marine corps from 1998 till 2011. These barren and rusty buildings give a serious ghostly look of history that will compel you to know the reasons and stories behind these.

– Failaka Museum:

The faialka museum is one of the most visited and a beautiful building which consists all of the historical samples and crafts founded by archeologists from the island. The museum is just behind the saadu meuseum. This little rushed and messy museum has a lot to tell us about their 2000bc old stories to recent American possessions. 

– Camel ride:

This would make your day. Camel rides are one of the main targeted fun points of Failaka Island that no one can resist. There are many points and different riders offering camel rides. The moments can be more joyful if you have a drone camera.

- Failaka’s Resort:

You could also rent Kayak’s in the pond, there are swimming pools for those interested in swimming, the beach has access and jet-ski rentals, there are bikes for rental and buggies as well as public beach for grills and picnics.

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