Apple Watch Series 6 Review


In this article we are going to review the latest gadget Apple Watch Series 6. Apple items are main stream in Kuwait as much as everywhere on the world in view of enormous promoting aptitudes of apple. In Kuwait 60% of populace utilizes apple items in which iPhone and Mac-books are top recorded and late examination on portions of versatile working framework show that apple has 47.71% piece of the pie in Kuwait.


Apple continues towers the foundation for the Watch’s future with new hardware and software features. When it comes to smartwatches, it’s Apple versus the world. It’s not that there aren’t plenty of other products to segregate from, it’s increasingly than the visitor has just utterly dominated the space to such a point that any other device is relegated to the realm of Apple Watch alternatives.


The visitor has been successful in the space for the usual Apple reasons: premium hardware with tightly integrated software, third-party support, a large cross-device ecosystem play, and, of, course, simplicity. Taken as a whole, the Watch just works, right out of the box.


Five years without launch, the line is fairly mature. As such, it’s no surprise, really, that recent updates have largely amounted to refinements. As with most updates, the watch has gotten processor uplift up to the A14 processor, which the visitor claims, is 20% faster than the last version. Perhaps the biggest hardware upgrade, however, is the wing of a thoroughbred oxygen sensor, an important piece in the company’s quest to offer as well-constructed an image of wearer health as is possible from the wrist.



  • ECG Monitor
  • Blood Oxygen Monitor
  • 20% Fast Battery Charging
  • Altimeter
  • New Sleek Color And Braided Bands.


This is doubly important given the fact that Series 6’s biggest new full-length thoroughbred oxygen monitoring is highly dependent on you getting a good fit. The sensor utilizes a series of LEDs on the marrow of the watch to shine infrared and red light through the wearer’s skin and into their thoroughbred vessels. The verisimilitude of light that reflects when gives the watch a picture of the oxygen levels in the blood. The whole thing takes well-nigh 15 seconds. Even with the right Solo Loop on.


Beyond the on-demand measurements, the watch will moreover take readings throughout the day and night, mapping these trends over time and incorporating them into sleep readings. The overall readings will requite you a good picture of your numbers over time. Honestly, though, I get the sense that this is really just the tip of the iceberg of future functionality.


Sleep was probably the biggest wing to the latest version of watchOS. This was probably the biggest veiling spot for the line, compared to the competition. At the moment, sleep tracking is, admittedly, still pretty basic. Like much of the rest of the onboard tracking, it’s mostly compared with changes over time. The metrics include time in bed versus time asleep, as well as incorporating heart rate figures from the sensor’s regular check-ins. More specific breakdowns, including deep versus light versus REM sleep, haven’t arrived yet, but will no doubt be coming sooner than later.



The Series 6 certainly looks the part. The Watch is tough to distinguish from other recent models and for that matter, the new and significantly cheaper SE. The biggest visual transpiration is the wing of new colors. In wing to the standard Gray and Gold, Apple’s widow new Blue and Red cases. The latter seems to be the most ostentatious of the pair.


The primary stardom among SE and wattle 6 is that unceasingly in plain view in still in wattle 6 however not in SE. at that point SE has no new hues, no U1 chip, no ECG, no thoroughbred oxygen checker so unremittingly wattle 6 is increasingly qualified to purchase.


At the point when you take a gander at the new world watch line up for 2020 fundamentally the world watch 6 and the world watch SE. as we got gossipy tidbits that are world going to transpiration plan yet we get the same plan as past ones with a touch of alterations.


There is no essential stardom in SE and wattle 6 yet on the off endangerment that you have a unique world watch or 3 or 4 arrangement, at that point wattle 6 has a major transpiration for you.



  1. Many individuals picking between the apple watch series 6 and Samsung watch 3. As far as size and value the watch 3 is less expensive than apple series 6.


Samsung watch 3 is 45mm/429$ it is additionally accessible in hardened steel packaging in 41mm yet on the opposite side series 6 44mm/479$. The two watches are accessible in titanium. In that event we come towards battery and memory, at that point watch 3 battery is less expensive then apple.


Also, apple has 32GB memory however Samsung has 8GB so remembering before purchasing. Samsung works within and outside the ecosystem but series 6 only connects to IOS.


  1. Then come a comparison witch Huawei watch GT2 with series 6. Both dispatched in September 2020. GT2 is greater in tallness and width with 1.84/1.84 inches and apple watch 6 is 1.73/1.50inches. There is slight contrast in thickness GT2/0.45 apple watch 6/0.41 inches. Both front and back is made up glass and artistic yet apple has steel casing and GT2 has titanium outline. Show kind of apple watch 6 is with Retina LTPO OLED and GT2 is with AMOLED.


Apple has extraordinary sensor highlight pulse, blood oxygen, altimeter however GT2 has just pulse sensor. S6 cost is changes day by day it is in the middle of 479$-520$ yet GT2 cost is 390.99$.


SPO2 on demand
Always on Altimeter for real time
Elevation tracking
Improved wrist down screen brightness
Fast new processor
Best third party app selection
Attractive new colors and band options


Slight improvement in



Apple watch series 6 (GPS) price starts from 399$

Series 6 (GPS+ Cellular) price starts from 499$




Apple watch series 6 is available now on official website of


The Smartwatch is still not available in stores locally but there are high chances of its availability within a week. Moreover, popular electronic stores i.e. Xcite , Best Al Yousifi, Eureka and astore already had started pre-booking, starting from 130 Kuwaiti Dinars. Commitment plans of 12-24 Months with amazing postpaid packages, starting from 10 K.D, are also being offered by the telecom companies i.e. STC, Zain, Ooredoo. Go and check it out for your favorite smart gadget, best friend of your iPhone, that will make your life easier and track your health and fitness on the go. Stay fit, healthy and keep buying smart.


Do not forget to have a look on prebooking prices and commitment plans.
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