Vaccination program for students; Parents asked to register children


Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad announced the vaccination of 10,403 male and female students, as part of the periodic vaccination program for school students for three grades – Fifth, Sixth and Twelfth. Al-Sanad explained in a press statement that the vaccination program for Fifth and Twelfth grade students ‘boys and girls’ includes diphtheria and tetanus vaccine, while the Sixth-grade students are vaccinated with the immunological vaccine “MMR” against measles, mumps and rubella. He pointed out that the number of those who have taken the initiative to register on the website has so far reached more than 16,522, pointing to the extension of the registration date for an additional 15 days after the end of the registration date, which was March 30 to April 9 this year.

He called on all parents to take the initiative to register their children through the ministry link dedicated for this service. Al-Sanad pointed out that the Ministry of Health has developed an electronic system for vaccinations, as the procedures for the campaign begin with registration via the electronic link designated for this, and then a text message is sent to the students with the date and place of vaccination. He stressed the preparation is underway for a new campaign of vaccination for those who have failed to vaccinate last year, pointing out that the date for registration for this group will be via the link dedicated to this, which will be announced soon.

Al-Sanad praised all the efforts exerted for preparing the campaign, appreciating the efforts of all medical personnel, the efforts of the technical sector and the management of information systems in the Ministry of Health, and the fruitful cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

By Marwa Al-Bahrawi Al-Seyassah Staff

Source: Arabtimes

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