Two Kuwaiti woman infected with coronavirus new stain – MOH


Two Kuwaiti women who arrived from Britain have tested positive for a new COVID-19 strain, the first discovery of the more contagious coronavirus variant found in the United Kingdom and several other countries, the health ministry spokesman said yesterday. Abdullah Al-Sanad said the two women had undergone PCR tests in Britain that showed they were not infected, but they tested positive after PCR tests were conducted upon arrival at Kuwait airport.

Additional genetic tests carried out found the two women had contracted the new strain of the coronavirus, Sanad said. The ministry of health immediately took all necessary measures including isolating the two patients and placing them in quarantine. Sanad urged the public to continue to observe strict health precautions, especially wearing facemasks, washing hands and staying away from gatherings. A month ago, authorities launched a vaccination campaign using Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines.

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