How to renew license online Kuwait – Step By Step Guide


As everything is moving towards online, so is the governmental procedures to ease the public getting legal with few clicks sitting at their own places. Though online procedures confuse some peoples, the ones who are not much into the technology. We are here writing about and covering each of these procedures to guide people how to get through. This guiding post is for online renewal of Driving License in Kuwait.

Ministry of Interior


  • Latest Civil ID Copy (Preferably in PDF document) (Mandatory)
  • Personal Photo (Optional)
  • Personal Signature (Preferably in PNG) (Optional)
Step 1:

Visit the Site Ministry of Interior, Click Eservices from the Navigation Menu and then Click on Gen. Dept. of Traffic from the child navigation menu as in below picture

Traffic department
Step 2:

On the Screen that has appeared click on Driving License E-Services

Driving License E-Services
Step 3

Click English and then fill out your User ID and Password and Click Sign In. In case you do not have a user already click on Create an Account and follow. To Read About how to create a User in Ministry of Interior (MOI), Please read our article How to Create an MOI account

License E-service login form
Step 4:

On successful login your requesting dashboard will open click on Driving License Renewal

driving license renewal
Step 5

A screen with your license details will appear, scroll down to the bottom and click on upload to upload the required documents  i.e. civil id copy and personal signature, you can also click on “Sign” option to sign online instead of attaching a signature document. Upload the required files, check the box ‘I confirm that the information provided herein is accurate …’ and Click on Submit Request.

document upload

In case you are willing to change your photo check the field ‘I would like to change my photo’ and you will see one more document requirement along with the previous 2, upload the required files, check the box ‘I confirm that the information provided herein is accurate …’ and Click on Submit Request.

optional photo upload
Step 7

Your License renewal request is successful, please take your old Driving license to the nearest location, preferably to the traffic department, where the Driving license renewal machines are installed, insert your card and take your new card. Enjoy!

If you requested for photo change you will have to wait for 3 working days to get your request approved by the Ministry.

To know all the driving license renewal machine locations please click here

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