Kuwait Lifting the Ban on 34 Countries


Kuwait Lifting the Ban on 34 Countries: Following the previous news of decision to open the Airport Operations 24 Hrs and lifting the ban on 34 Countries and allow them to enter with 7 days Hotel Quarantine and PCR test, the head of the Federation of Tourism and Travel Companies, Muhammad Al Mutairi, shared the news by saying that travel and tourism have taken the necessary measures to provide packages, from Airline tickets to Hotel reservations and PCR test.
Estimated Package Cost will be starting from 300 KWD for the people coming from Asians countries and 255 KWD coming from Middle Eastern countries.
Here is how a package may be divided
Airline Tickets – 70 – 110 KWD
Hotel – 105 KWD (Starting from 15 KWD per day)
PCR – 50 – 80 KWD

Source: Al Rai Daily

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