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As everything is moving towards online, so is the governmental procedures to ease the public getting legal with few clicks sitting at their own places. Though online procedures confuse some peoples, the ones who are not much into the technology. We are here writing about and covering each of these procedures to guide people how to get through. This guiding post is for booking online appointment to visit Cooperative through MOCI website.

Let’s book an appointment to your area market.

Step 1: Visit the website

Step 2: If language is Arabic, please select English language.

Step 3: After that scroll down in the middle of page. You will can see the Shopping appointment form.

Step4: Fill all the required fields i.e., your Civil ID number, Civil Serial number, Email Address, Cell phone, Reservation Time Period, Booking Destination.

You can see the sample Figure 1.0.

Note: The booking details will be emailed you the given address, please make sure you entered your email correctly.

Step 5: After filling all the required fields you will redirect to the next page where you have to select the market Coop. Note: Top of Cooperative Societies Title there is 2 buttons where you can select if your address matches or not with your civil id.

You can see the sample Figure 1.1.

Step 6: After choosing area market a popup form will appear with list of available appointment Timings.

You can see the sample Figure 1.2.

Step 7: After choosing specific time you will redirect to the final page where you have to confirm or Go back to home page.

You can see the sample Figure 1.3.

Step 8: If you select Confirmed a popup receipt will appear on your screen with QR Code which will be required at the time of crossing the check post or security sitting outside the market.

You can see the sample Figure 1.4.

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