Curfew permit allow for 2 hours with conditions


Citizens & Residents can apply for a 2 hours permit during curfew if related to medical blood donation, covid vaccine or for pcr test apply for permit at paci website.

How to create curfew permit? Follow the steps
Enter all required details like
*Civil ID No
*Mobile No
*Car Plate No
Leave Reason – following options are available Emergency Case (Patient Needs), Doctor Visit , Blood Donation, Covid 19 Swab , Covid 19 Vaccine
Place – Once you enter your details and purpose of your visit , you will get option to select place based on that
Permission Duration – You can select required time
Current Address – you need to enter your paci no which will be located outside of your flat or at entrance
Destination Address – you need to enter paci no of your destination address , you can ask the hospital or wherever you are going for their PACI no,
After Entering All details just submit request and then you will get permission form , please take a screenshot or print it on paper

Source: paci

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