Check price list on MOCI Website before leaving for shop


The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has put in place a system to monitor commodity prices on its official website to facilitate the shopping process for consumers, reports Al-Rai daily. In a statement, the ministry said that consumers can enter the system to check the prices of basic foodstuffs in cooperative societies, supermarkets and other sales centers before leaving the house and without the need to move from one market to another.

The sources explained the price data is entered and updated by cooperative societies, and the ministry monitors and scrutinizes them on an ongoing basis in accordance with the global effects on prices and the impact of the supply and demand system, as part of its efforts to prevent any artificial price hikes.

The sources stated this system will facilitate the work of the ministry’s inspectors and help them in price monitoring and control, and control violations of the artificial increase in the price, which is in the interest of the consumer and helps the merchant to determine the prices of goods and abide by them. The system will be continuously updated with the addition of seasonal foodstuffs, noting that this system was the result of what the ministry called unremitting efforts and cooperation between the Ministry and the Union of Cooperative Societies and Private Central Markets.

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News source: arabtimesonline

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